Looking for an unusual hiking experience? Traveling with a donkey maximizes this experience perfectly, because it both can carry your luggage and be a pleasant companion on your tour . You are leading the way (or sometimes the other way around) to wander slowly (3 to 5 kilometers per hour) through the landscape of the biosphere Schorfheide - Chorin. Tiny hills, dewy meadows, small romantic lakes and barren grasslands alternate with marshy alder forests. You may expect to see a lively nature with hares, pheasants, buzzards and deer.

The tour suits for anyone with average fitness. Recommended age for children is 6 to 12 years. And you will need a sleeping bag. Of course, we also offer this tour with vegetarian meals - please tell us in advance to organize it for you appropriately. Should there ever occur a problem, our hotline provides assistance and advice at any time of your tour. The routes vary from 10 to 25 kilometers a day. You may expect simple beds (log cabin, rather rustic style) and a rich and hearty warm meal including a drink of the house at every station. After breakfast you will get a lunchbox for the day and travel to your next station at your own pace.